A Bizarro for your Superman?!

The Idea behind doing several versions/BiZart

Doing more than one box art is nothing new but allowing free play for alternative box art is definitely something fresh. Why do we do this? Well, we at Nordlys believe the most defining part in our hobby is to play and create. And by showing play and fun on our models, we hope to inspire others to play and create what they they envision. How will this work? Simple. We show at least two painted version of our models. One of these may be heavily converted or not at all. And one will be exactly as is cast in resin and included in box. We jokingly call alternative versions BizArt, which in all honesty came to be in a message typo. But we like it. We also call it Bizarro version. Or just alternative version. We will clearly state which is what, so you will never mistakenly think that your model includes a full on drag wig (if it dosen’t), just because someone had the clever idea of sticking that on a noble Scotsman.

For us the alternative version is exactly as important and defining as box art. And in turn this means that every painted version that you do will be cherished by us. Please note, there is not need for you to invent the wheel every time you pick up a brush. If you feel like emulating Magnus’ brilliant version, then absolutely, do so! There is a lot of learning and joy that comes from this exercise. But at Nordlys we invite you to play freely. So have fun! And do share your versions of Nordlys miniatures.  

On Captain Spaulding


Captain Spaulding is our first BizArt version of McArine, with more to come. The awesome Patric Putte Sand is working on another version of him, and it is looking astonishing. Now, I would like to write a few words on this. This is painted by me, Jakob, and the idea came quite fast. I like the McArine model for its ‘blank canvas’ feel. Lots of fun versions can be imagined, and this came to me within minutes after we agreed to do alternative versions. I literally tried to imagine the exact opposite character that the model portrayed, which most definitely is a psychotic clown.

A little background info: Captain Spaulding is a murderous Museum – slash – fried chicken diner owner in hillbilly country who spends his time showing tourists his Museum of Monsters and Madmen and murdering same people. He is a character in Rob Zombie’s grindhouse splatter flicks House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects. And Magnus thinks Mr. Spaulding is the bomb. So it would be so much fun to mess with his bust and create this alternative BizArt. 

I started off doing simple sculpt conversions in putty. 20 minutes in front of the TV. Then put paint on him with my fingers (quite literally) and started giggling as I knew this would work, without any reshaping of face. Simply sticking a hat on him, a bowtie and a skull and tilting him forward would be enough. The eyes. Psychotic starting eyes would do the trick. Now, I am not a sculptor. It shows. It is not deliberately done shitty, but I find there is a beauty in showing what is possible, even though you are starting from scratch with painting and/or sculpting. At Nordlys we invite you to make mistakes! And flaunt them. Look at that bowtie, it is such a crappy sculpt it is laughable. I wouldn’t advice you to laugh at McArine though – it might be the last thing you do… Happy (late) Halloween.

On a site note, this is the most fun I have had in a paintjob in a long time. I honestly could not put the brush down from start to finish. And carried him around the house placing him on shelves whilst cooking dinner etc., giving my wife more than one scare (why is this f¤%&/ing clown here again staring at me!). Where I go, my murderous clown follows me. Until Monte where I will hand him over to Magnus. Then he is off to create mischief elsewhere.

Stay tuned for another version

By patric putte sand