About Us

Nordlys Miniatures is a small Scandinavian miniature company, producing high quality miniatures for painters, modellers and collectors. Our general aim is to deliver sculpts and inspirational paintjobs that give you options and are fun to paint. And are also inspiring and inviting you to create your own version and story.

We generally work with Scandinavian sculptors and have our sculpts cast by the best in the industry. All our sculpts will have a painted BoxArt and something we call BizArt, which is an alternative version made with full freedom, including conversions. We think of ourselves as not ‘just another miniature company’, but rather as a part of a community of painters and sculptures, with whom we hope to engage, enrich and support.

Our vision statement

Painting is creating

We would like to stimulate creative play. You don’t have to paint outside the lines, but if you fancy so, the models we make should be a fitting canvas to do whatever you see fit.

We work locally

We prefer to work with artists from Scandinavia, but will not do so exclusively. As there is so much talent in the north, it is interesting to see that unfold on a common platform

We give what we can

Starting a business is up-hill. And lots of chances are taken. When the ball is rolling and Nordlys is a success we plan to give back to the community in the form of support for clubs, events and the likes.

Rookies are welcome

We believe everyone starts somewhere. So, if a quality sculpt is done by a fellow artist who is a newcomer, then we would rather produce a low number of casts and still give him or her the chance to have a sculpt released.


None of our sculpts will be strictly limited. However, there is no guarantee more will be made once they are gone. So shop wisely. We do a low number of casts, with no fixed number. All casts will be numbered and have cast series marked as well.

Same same, but different

We aim to produce models that feels a little different and provide something new to our hobby.

Our Team & Collaborators