First Release: McArine


After working rather hard we are proud to announce our very first release; an amazing 1:10 scale bust sculpted by Magnus Fagerberg. The bust is named Laird McArine and will be released intially in 42 copies with the possbility of us producing more sometime in the future – but if you know you want one go to our shop and order your copy today. Laird McArine is dear to us at Nordlys. It is the perfect start to our small brand, and we think it would be fitting to share some inside knowledge as to why we like him so much.  


Jakob stayed with Magnus in July 2019, and on his desk was an early WIP of the model now known as McArine. When we came up with the concept of Nordlys we called up Magnus, and said: ‘Hey, we are doing this thing, and, well you know that dude on your table? Can we release it? And Magnus being a stand-up guy immediately said yes. Shortly after it was on its way to the caster in Spain, and not a long time after returning to Magnus for painting. It all was a very quick and instinctive decision. But here is what we find so interesting about Mr. McArine. For starters, he is very Magnus. And we enjoy Magnus’ style quite a bit.

The bust is stylish, subtle and has heart. The pose is interesting, natural, but without being overly posed. But it isn’t passive either. Its look is calm, stoic and pure. Furthermore, there really isn’t a lot of bald elderly dudes in our miniature world. This is appealing to us. It is a non-war character and he even has a comb-over. So he fits perfectly with our very first idea for Nordlys, that it would be something different. While there is absolutely no right or wrong, it is for us a welcome addition to an already exhaustive catalogue of miniatures available. We find that the materials and parts of McArine are perfect for painting. Leather, skin, hair, beard, cloth and the possibility to do wonderful tartan pattern. This is for sure a painter’s model. Open and inviting. Each part easy to reach, interpret and possible to play around with. The sculpt is exactly as detailed as needed, and this is something we quite enjoy in sculpts. For a painter you need some freedom to paint on elements as preferred, but you also need the right amount of guidance. The big surfaces carefully sculpted has that to offer: A lot of blank canvas. Lastly, it is a model that we could see lots and lots of options with. Which also played into another of our thoughts with Nordlys – the ability to play and interpret.


The name? Well, it is a Danish joke (sorry about this). The song McArine is by Danish folk band Shu-Bi-Dua. It is a tale of a homebrew scotsman, shit-drunk on a loch somewhere, smashing his bagpipes in the honor of the Loch Ness Monster. He definitely holds character – perfect for this bust. And speaking of character: We hope you will send us pictures of yours. Whether he is an aging drag queen, an okay lumberjack or an adventurer in the style of Indiana Jones.