Bersærk by master sculptor Torben Ryde Pedersen. Torben won master gold at Monte last year with it – and holding it in hand it is easy to see why – amazingly hand sculpted to perfection!

This incredible model shows a viking in full force berzerk. A natural continuation of the wonderful classic, Last Wave. But in a setting that bridges fantasy and historical.

Dynamic and powerful. Tell your story with this amazing model. Bersærk!

This is an advanced resin kit, and requires assembly that may be a tad difficult.

The cloth makes the model jump through the air, and is steel reinforced to allow for stability. Makes the model feel light and dynamic, whereas only cloth touch the base.

The model has two sets of weapon to choose from: A sword and a small axe, as well as a double-handed axe.

This model is strictly limited to only 200 copies, and first 50 will be shipping middle/late february. First 50 copies will have art cards signed by master sculptor Torben Ryde Pedersen.

casting is done by Madness Studio, and it is simply flawless. Wow!

Box-Art 1 (green) by: Matteo Carnevale

Box-Art 2 (blue) by: Erik Swinson

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75mm (about 14cm tall)


Madness Studio



Sculpted by

Torben Ryde Pedersen


High Quality Resin