The miniature is called ‘Origin’. The title is two-fold, as it symbols that the model is a special edition to celebrate the support from you from the beginning of Nordlys, and also that it shows man hunting in a manner that early man evolved into more than a million years ago; Persistance hunting. It is a model sculpted by Stepan Nikolaev, and in 54mm scale – models are about 50 mm high), and it includes custom plinth by Lauge Sams. The miniature comes in 14 tiny parts, and has a base sized 11,5 x 3,0 cemtimers. Base is 12,5 x 4,0. Casting is amazingly done by Ciprian Negut, and we honestly are amazed at the craftmanship that have gone into creating these traditionally sculpted miniatures in just 54mm.

The model is a special edition to celebrate the journey of Nordlys Miniatures, and is made in just 25 copies.

Thank you again for your support.

box and bizart by Jakob Villien

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